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KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Locations

Traverse Town
Traverse Town—a town where those in need of shelter gather. Sora and Riku meet Neku and the others, who have come here from another world. They were participating in the "Reapers' Game" with their partners, but became separated upon arriving here.

A young boy who is always wearing headphones and tends to reject others. (The protagonist of The World Ends with You)
Neku's partner. A cheerful and energetic girl. She always carries around her stuffed animal.
A friend of Neku. He seems to know an awful lot about this world.
A young man running around Traverse Town looking for his partner, Rhyme. He is hot-blooded and hard-headed.
A girl who has lost her memories, and can't remember why she is in Traverse Town.

La Cité des Cloches

Having been ingrained that the cathedral is the safest place for him, Quasimodo has never set foot outside. One day, a festival is held in the square, and Quasimodo musters up the courage to go outside, but Dream Eaters have decided to crash the party…

A young man who, despite his deformed appearance, possesses a kind and pure heart. He takes a liking to Esmeralda, a young woman who helps him without a care for his appearance.
A beautiful dancer and free-spirited gypsy. She is being chased by Judge Claude Frollo, who dislikes gypsies.
Captain Phoebus
Frollo's Captain of the Guard. He begins to have doubts about Frollo's actions.
Judge Claude Frollo
An incredibly strict judge. He dislikes the free-spirited ways of the gypsies.

Country of the Musketeers

A world where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are the Three Musketeers. The three of them scramble to fulfill their duty as Princess Minnie's bodyguards, but keep coming up short. Sora decides to join them on their mission.

Goofy, Donald, Mickey
Tasked by Captain Pete to guard Princess Minnie, they make strenuous efforts to fulfill their duty as the Three Musketeers.
Princess Minnie
The princess of this world. Although she was being guarded by the Three Musketeers, she ends up getting taken away.
The Beagle Boys
A pesky trio that causes trouble for Sora and Riku. They seem to be following orders from their "boss."
Captain Pete
Though he appointed and tasked Mickey, Donald, and Goofy with their mission, there is something suspicious about him.

The Grid

A virtual reality created by Flynn. Though it seems similar to the world in which Sora met Tron, something about it is different. One particular inhabitant of the Grid sets his eyes on Sora's Keyblade as a tool to carry out his own ambitions.

An exceptionally skilled fighter who overwhelms opponents with his physical prowess.
A young man who entered the Grid to reunite with his father, Flynn.
A brave young woman who is willing to sacrifice herself to protect those important to her.
The man who created the Grid. He appears to know Tron, however…

Symphony of Sorcery

In this world, Mickey is training as the sorcerer's apprentice. However, Mickey becomes trapped by the darkness emanating from the musical score. Can Sora and Riku find out what is causing the darkness and save Mickey?

Enchanted Brooms
Brooms that came to life by magic. Cleaning is their expertise!

Prankster's Paradise

The world where Jiminy and Geppetto reside. Pinocchio becomes completely engrossed in the circus, and ends up growing a tail and donkey ears…

The woodcarver who created Pinocchio. He loves Pinocchio like his own son, and is always worrying about him.
Jiminy Cricket
He is tasked to be Pinocchio's conscience, but is always at the mercy of Pinocchio's freewheeling nature.
A puppet that was brought to life by the Blue Fairy. He promised Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket to be a good boy, but is easily distracted by his desire to have fun.
The Blue Fairy
The fairy who breathed life into Pinocchio. She tells Pinocchio to be a good boy, but…

The World That Never Was

Sora and Riku, who have been traveling through the Sleeping Worlds, somehow get guided to this world where they encounter Organization XIII members like Xigbar and Xemnas, whom they had previously defeated. There, they discover the truth behind the Organization's existence...

Xehanort's Nobody, and leader of Organization XIII. Why has he appeared in front of Sora again?
Master Xehanort
A Keyblade Master who altered the destinies of three Keyblade wielders. It appears he is plotting something from behind the scenes of Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exam.
Organization XIII's Number II, and closest figure to Xehanort. He lures Sora as part of some objective.

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